New Smocked Patterns from Judith Marquis!

   DSC00305    New Patterns have arrived from Judith Marquis including the adorable Baby’s Breath! Baby's Breath

I managed to make this pattern up and I just love how it turned out! Baby’s Breath is unique in that it is a bishop style but has a seamless yoke. The clever construction has arms that are inserted. The other unique thing about this pattern is that it is styled for flannel or brushed cotton. So many heirloom and smocking patterns for baby use batiste. It is lovely, but no the most practical in many areas of the country. A beautiful brushed cotton such as Autumn Vine available from Pink Hollybush is perfect for this pattern and so soft for baby! close up of buntingThe smocking plate I used is included in the pattern. The cuffs and neckbinding is made from Soft Green Check, also from Pink Hollybush. What a perfect gift for the new mother! Judith also has this masculine bonnet pattern for baby boys. Smocked Boy's Bonnet

Finally a way to include some smocking for your boy that even the fussiest dad won’t object to! For baby girls there is Little Snowdrift.

Little Snowdrift

This pattern has a deep yoke that would be perfect for machine or hand embroidery. You can choose to smock it or leave it plain. All of Judith’s patterns include smocking designs. We are also carrying Little Breeze.

Little Breeze

This pattern can be a nightgown or sundress depending on what material you choose to make it out of. Smocking is a perfect project to take to the pool, so start planning a summer project now!

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5 thoughts on “New Smocked Patterns from Judith Marquis!

  1. Hi!

    It really helps if you baste the sleeves in first, and then stitch. The other trick is to stitch the sleeves in two steps. If you look at the pattern, you will see that the sleeve insert is flat across the top, and curved around the bottom. Sew the top in first, and then sew in the buttom curved part. I hope that helps, if it doesn’t, email me and I will try to further explain.


  2. Oh I love this pattern – baby’s breath. I’m a long time knitter but my mother taught me to embroider when I was very young. Fast forward and my sister moved to Germany and gave me 6 dresses that are ready to be smocked. ( her girls are 6 years older than my youngest) I’ve been teaching myself using you tube and google and can assure you the dress isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination! I am enjoying it and keep telling myself no one will have their face up against her dress to see the stitching like I can. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to know what part of design to use on the sleeve. I was going to do two rows of cables since mine are pretty with the rosebuds in the middle. My friend is afraid it won’t have enough give or elasticity. Any thoughts?

  3. Hi Anna!

    I am so glad that you love to smock! You are absolutely right that others will not see the imperfections in your smocking so just keep smocking away! If you haven’t checked out the Smocking Arts Guild of America, you should. There are chapters across the country. They also have correspondence classes, and learn to smock kits. You can find them at As for putting two rows of cables on the sleeves, that abosolutely works if (1) you don’t smock too tightly, and (2) they aren’t right next to each other. In other words if you have two rows of gathering threads and the cable stitch is on row 1 and row 2 with space between them rather than two rows butting up against each other. Keep stretching the fabric as you smock to make sure you are not pulling too tight. By its very nature, smocking is elastic!

  4. Awesome! Maybe that’s why one thing after another kept me from my smocking- I thought I would just do the hearts and rosebuds. Wasn’t happy about it since my trellis isn’t as perfect as I would like. I was basically going to make my own pattern using the plate. I find it interesting that you said to go ahead and try it- I kinda thought the same thing, the design on the dress has the two rows spaced as you mention with the roses down the middle and it will go from 1/4 inch to 1 inch when stretched. I haven’t heard of the smocking guild and will look it up.

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