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I finished my Ravi, a sweater designed by Carol Feller! I started this past August and finished it this past January – that’s a new record for me when it comes to knitting sweaters! I had a couple of incentives to finish. First the easy one – this design by Carol Feller is easy and interesting to knit.  The yarn is Valley Yarns Superwash Wool. After knitting several sweaters over the years and not finishing several more, I have learned that there is a difference between those sweaters that I would like to own and wear and those that I enjoy knitting. The two don’t always go together and I am trying to do a better job of bypassing the designs that I look at and think I would love to own and wear that sweater but the knitting is going to bore me to death.  I have to admit it, I don’t do well with row upon row of stockinette. I need some goal, some interest – a little shaping, a pattern over several rows so that I feel I have accomplished something when I finish row 6 or row 10. A guess I am a goal-conscious knitter and not a process one at heart. Enter Carol Feller and her unusal constrution and I am in heaven.  Ravi’s yoke is knit side to side using short rows, then stitches are picked up around the yoke and knit down.  There is some shaping as you go, and then you get to the fun shaped bottom!DSC00196

Carol even gives you directions on how to modify the sweater if you like.  I added two inches to the overall length and made the sleeves full length rather than three-quarters. Even with all that interest those sleeves were tough going, but they always are for me!DSC00186

The second reason I had for finishing this sweater is that the yarn and the buttons were a gift from my friend Sandy.  My friend Sandy gave me the yarn about a year ago. She had just found out she was loosing her battle with breast cancer and she asked me to come over and help her go through her stash of yarn and give it away. We went through everything and then I found a home for 3 large garbage bags of yarn – to other knitting friends, to sewing friends who also knit, to groups who used it to make preemie caps and to teach knitting. Sandy loved to knit especially color work. She always had a project or two going and of course, her favorite place was the yarn store. This yarn, Sandy said was for me. I had to find a special sweater to make with it and I did. I love the sweater and when I wear it I will always think of Sandy – I miss her.

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2 thoughts on “Sandy’s Sweater

  1. I loved your cardigan so much I went and bought the pattern! Well done…. and I’m so sorry about your dear friend…. how awful :(
    You have made a fine tribute to her memory.
    Carol x

  2. Carol,

    Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy knitting the sweater – it was one of my favorites to knit and one of my favorites to wear!

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